Write an article about the regrets you've had or the things you haven't done


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Write an article about the regrets you've had or the things you haven't done

While browsing Quora or Yahoo Answers, you'll find lots of popular topics and posts about things people regret or don't do. As Blog topics, you can try to prepare your own list by using the ones in the questions.

Ask A Rhetorical Question In Your # 36 Blog Post

The idea of a Blog post is akin to making random offers just to be able to generate some content. But even if the question is rhetorical, it can really spark a debate.

# 37 Post A Picture Describing More Than A Thousand Words

Sometimes you can send us images that tell us a story. In fact, these images do not attract much attention or increase people's time on the blog. But it's still quite interesting, you can take a look at this as well.

# 38 publish some small and unknown facts

The Internet and different encyclopedias are full of facts, some of which can be seriously randomly typed information. For example, “did you know that the pink/red/white colors of flamingos come from what they eat?” as. You can collect and use this information in your articles to make an echo.

post A “in memories” Post in remembrance#39 for blog topic

It is always polite to remember the people who have passed away. In addition, those who love that person and their fans will provide you with hits from social media by sharing your post.

# 40 Reveal The Most Important Days In History

Choose any country, Company, war or invention and take note of its important days. Because people love general but detailed summaries.

# 41 Tell Us About Your Experiences In The Latest Incident

Have you been to a concert or festival recently? Then write a review about it. It will be a nice blog topic that you will enjoy.

# 42 Post Your Resume (CV) online

Show clearly the experiences you have already acquired and the issues you are good at. You might even get a job offer for doing this.

# 43 Send A Clear Lie

You can turn things around by telling a blatant lie in your Blog post. Maybe people will be mad at you, but it doesn't matter.