What will change with Apple Arcade?


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What will change with Apple Arcade?

We are very close to starting using the Apple Arcade, which has come across as an unexpected move by Apple in recent months and has particularly delighted players. the same as the iOS 13 release date, the Apple Arcade release date shows September 19 exactly. So what is the Apple Arcade, How Will the price of the Apple Arcade be? What are Apple Arcade games?

New gaming service Apple Arcade announced!New gaming service Apple Arcade announced!
Apple unveils new Apple Arcade service that caters to gamers with special event. Subscription service allows you to play premium games for monthly payment.

What will change with Apple Arcade?
coming to our iPhones, Apple computers and Apple TV, the Apple Arcade is poised to change a lot of things. Apple users, and especially iPhone users, were forced to pay fees in some cases for games. There are thousands of games available on the App Store, but the high level of graphics and quality games that we can characterize as paid in general. The price of the games we mentioned had a high pricing in Turkey because it was dollar indexed. Users would have to pay a high price for the games they wanted to play, even for a single time.
Although it seems normal to pay a fee for a game we love for one time, paying a fee for every paid game we love increases the amount paid at the end of the day. The Apple Arcade, on the other hand, works as a subscription system. Users pay a fee once a month and in return have access to more than a hundred games. There are no limits to the games that can be accessed, and there are no ads that need to be skipped in front of users.

Users can enjoy the Apple Arcade subscription anywhere they want. you'll be able to continue the game you started on your iPhone, iPad, Mac or Apple TV. The Apple Arcade has been a matter of curiosity with its price since it was first announced. Many claims about the price of the new iPhones appeared with the introduction. For us users, the Apple Arcade price of $ 4.99 is 34.99 TL in Turkey. Users will also be able to use Apple Arcade with Family Sharing. So, after a single person pays £ 34.99, 5 more people will be able to use the Apple Arcade at no other cost.