Top 20 keywords for Mother's Day on YouTube 2019


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Top 20 keywords for Mother's Day on YouTube 2019
YouTube is the world's second largest search engine, and billions of users flock to this media to find answers to questions about all kinds of issues. The real challenge for YouTubers is not only to produce the most exciting content, but also to find gaps in the YouTube space where there is less competition for that content.

Take Mother's day as an example. Referred to as "Mother's day" in short, it is the most sought-after term in 2019 in celebration. There's no big surprise here-and the volume of content posted about that keyword phrase isn't great either. If you have a settled channel with a loyal and connected audience of subscribers who have been uploading lifestyle and family-oriented content for years, YouTube can get your videos quite high in search results for this period. But if you're a new channel, you may have to work a little harder to get any viewing outside of your audience, as there's so much of the uploaded content for said mother's day.

If you're planning to create a mother's day video, then you'll want to understand exactly what keywords people are searching for and when they're searching, so your video will have the best chance of being seen during this very competitive U.S. holiday.

Thankfully, they're looking for all sorts of words you can use on Mother's day to direct viewers and subscribers to your channel. Here are the top 20 search words of 2019:

YouTube: The 20 Best Mother's Day Mother's Day Words To Use
Mother's Day (Mother's day)
KFC mothers day)
Mother's Day gifts (mother's Day gifts)
Diy Mother's Day gifts DIY Mother's Day gifts)
Mother's Day gift ideas (mother's Day gift ideas)
Mother's Day ideas mother's Day ideas)
Mother's Day songs mother's Day songs)
Mother's Day song (mother's Day song)
Mothers day songs for kids)
Mother's day DIY gifts (diy Mother's Day gifts
Mothers day songs for church)
Mothers day read aloud)
Mothers Day books for kids)
Mothers Day drawings)
Mother's Day cards mother's Day cards)
Kids mother's Day (Mother's day kids)
Mother's day video (Mother's Day video)
Mother's Day cards mother's Day cards)
5 minute crafts mothers day)
Did any of the keywords listed above surprise you as a YouTuber? Do you have any other ideas on the subject? These words are heavily searched for right now, so if you can use those keywords as a starting point to create an interactive and fun video, you have the opportunity to be among the results. But don't forget to optimise appropriately personalized thumbnail images, titles, tags and descriptions so Youtube will know exactly what your video is about.