Top 10 Halloween Makeup Keywords On YouTube


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Top 10 Halloween Makeup Keywords On YouTube
Halloween is perhaps the one time of the year where anyone, young or old, male or female, can go to town with a painted face. Makeup tutorials are big business on YouTube, and those how to's that focus on Halloween wildly popular. The most searched for keywords are:

Halloween makeup tutorial (Halloween makeup video)
Scary makeup (Scary makeup)
The best Halloween Makeup Best Halloween makeup)
Halloween makeup ideas (makeup ideas for Halloween)
Halloween makeup tutorial 2019 (2019 Halloween makeup video)
Easy Halloween makeup Easy Halloween makeup)
Scary Halloween makeup (Halloween makeup Scary)
Special effects makeup (special effects makeup)
Skull makeup (Makeup Skull)
Halloween makeup tutorials (videos Halloween makeup)
To prove on YouTube that Halloween makeup tutorials always stay up to date and get views, see videos released in October 2017 that have nearly 42 million views and are currently receiving 4.5 K new views per hour:

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