Sony will stamp out CES 2020! PS5 claim


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Sony will stamp out CES 2020! PS5 claim
Although Sony has suffered a major collapse in the world of smartphones, it continues to work to bring new models to users. Sony has made a pretty ambitious announcement for the CES 2020 – Consumer Electronics Show.

ShiftDelete.Net Tuesday, January 6th, the presentation of Sony at CES 2020, which we will follow in place. Sony announced the presentation as “a unique vision of the future that brings together creativity and technology like never before.”

Samsung has thrown the difference to its rivals again! Here are the numberssamsung again threw the difference to their opponents! Here are the figures
While the 5G has yet to be used in a limited number of countries and territories, the phone world has adapted quickly. While the number of phones supporting this technology has been growing rapidly, Samsung 5G phone sales figures have been announced.

Sony pretty ambitious for CES 2020
The Japanese giant's announcement of an exciting presentation brings PlayStation 5 to mind. We will all see if there will be any announcements later this year about the console, which is expected to be released during the holiday season.

Looking back on last year, Sony announced at the CES 2019 event: it sold 91.6 million units of PS4 worldwide. It showed its first 8K television and promised AirPlay 2 support. It also focused on Bluetooth accessories such as new Extra Bass speakers and Alexa support for the WH-1000 headsets, but no phone.

The Xperia 3, powered by the Snapdragon 865 processor, and the mid-level models, powered by the Snapdragon 765, are expected. However, we think these will be revealed at the MWC in February as the smartphone is in question.