Putin Signs Law That Would Remove Russia From Global Internet Network


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Putin Signs Law That Would Remove Russia From Global Internet Network
He signed the law paving the way for Russia to exit the global internet network and return to the National internet network.

Russia, one of the world's largest economies, has enacted a highly radical decision on internet connectivity. Under the new Russian Internet law signed by Russian President Vladimir Putin, Russia will be able to remove the entire country from the worldwide network (WWW) in the event of a possible technical failure or danger.

The law leads to the centralization of the Russian communications network. That way, in cyber threats, technical failures or different situations, the country's internet service providers will be able to remove Russia's internet from the global internet network. Thus, Russia will have a national internet network independent of the rest of the world.

Considering that Russia is a country that is constantly subject to cyber attacks, cutting off network connectivity from foreign servers across the ocean might seem like a sensible move. However, since the internet connection will be centralized, all internet traffic will be monitored and censored.

Big companies in Russia are backing this national internet move by Putin. The general concern on the part of users is that the internet is heavily censored in a way similar to China. Russia had recently tested cutting off the entire country's internet from the global network for a possible state of danger.