Post The Best Reviews Your Blog Has Received Throughout Its History


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Post The Best Reviews Your Blog Has Received Throughout Its History

Do you use a voting system in your comments? Or do you know that some important comments are publications that raise very productive debates? Here, share these comments under a separate post.

money earned for blog topic # 28 share your blogs revenue and traffic status

Prove that a blog can have reasonable traffic rates and perhaps be profitable. Expose Google Analytics data and analyze key points, such as significant changes in site traffic rates. Your followers will love it. Besides, a lot of famous bloggers did it, so why shouldn't you?

# 29 Make A Joke

This part is quite clear. Remember, humor never gets old, and jokes are quite fun. Use humor when you can't find suitable blog topics.

# 30 A Bust For Legend

There are thousands of things that are not real but well known. In other words, these things are legends. Take some time and do research to decipher a few of these. Of course, if your followers like it, never hesitate to be a MythBuster.

# 31 show or publish your art

For all the time, online galleries and portfolios look fabulous. It could also be the first step in the world for these artists. So publish your paintings, comic books, graphic design masterpieces or other works as often as you can.

# 32 post a post about your success and epic failures

To succeed actually means to make mistakes (or, in other words, to fail). But failing is not as bad as thought. It is also possible to characterize this as a learning experience that only allows you to be better next time. The reason you have already publicly shared your successes and failures is to enable others to gain experience from them as well.

social media#33 for blog topic ask your readers to tweet, like and share posts they like

It's important to spread the word about your blog or posts. But sometimes, people need extra support to do so. For this reason, write a post about these issues.

# 34 Create A Poll

This is a fairly simple procedure. Don't you want to know what others prefer or think about a particular topic? Start a survey to get a quick overview. You can even write different blog topics based on the result of this survey.