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As you know, there may be a lot of people on every social media who have a lot of followers with phenomena or other words. These types of people can earn with their paid shares. This method also applies to the Pinterest Site. If your number of followers is satisfactory, it is possible to gain 500 TL and 15 thousand TL per share. This fee has no limitations and varies entirely according to your agreement with the company or persons.

In general, the most used and tried winning methods are as I mentioned above. Of course, it is not possible to make money immediately with just this information. I would also like to share with you the tactics that will increase your earnings.

Tactic 1: first of all, you need to pay attention to the relevant keywords and categories. So you have to adjust your boards carefully and take care to make only relevant shares.

Tactic 2: Re Pin so don't underestimate the repetition sharing feature and definitely use it and even encourage it. The most important point is that more than 80% of the relativists on Pinterest have been created by this way.

Tactic 3: Use absolutely engaging visuals for your boards. You can choose the ideal size 220 x 150 in size. The more interesting the visual, the more clicks will be.

Tactic 4: Remember and feel that you are the real person. In this context, follow the comments made to your shares carefully. Respond instantly if possible and always be in interaction.

Tactic 5: upgrade your Pinterest account to a business account. So you can see the analysis and share it accordingly. You should also remember that the vast majority of Pinterest users are women.

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