Create a personalized poem with AI's help


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Create a personalized poem with AI's help
POEMPORTRAITS is an online collection of poems, a combination of design and machine learning that tries the limits of AI and human collaboration. A POEMPORTRAIT is your self-portrait overlaid with a unique poem created by AI.

Starting today, you can create your own and contribute to the evolving collective poetry.

To create your poemportait, go to his address . When you get there, you will be asked to donate a word of your choice and take a picture of yourself.

Each word you donate will be extended as lines of original poetry by an algorithm trained on millions of words of nineteenth-century poetry.
You will then receive a unique POEMPORTRAIT from your face illuminated by your original lines of poetry. All lines of poetry are then combined to form an ever-evolving, collective poem.
It collaborated with Google Arts & Culture Lab and Ross Goodwin to create the technology behind poemportraits. Ross, 19. he has developed an algorithm to learn how to write poetry by reading more than 25 million words written by century poets. It works a bit like predictive text: it does not copy or hand-proof existing statements, but uses training material to create a complex statistical model. As a result, the algorithm produces original statements that mimic the style of what it is trained on.

The resulting poems are surprisingly poignant and can be absurd at other times. And the deeply human way in which we seek and find personal resonance in the machine-generated text that is the essence of this project. I was inspired by Shoshana Zuboff's writing on “knowledge civilization” – “if the digital future is our home, then we should,” she says.
Here's my Poemportrait; the word I chose to forgive was “convergence.”